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Boeing Executive Flight Operations

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Boeing Executive Flight Operations
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CABAA Board Vice President, Communication Committee Chair, Safety Committee Member
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CABAA Safety Committee Member, Eric was fortunate to join Boeing in 2006 as a pilot for Executive Flight Operations. Eric is currently Assistant Chief Pilot of Standards and Compliance responsible for 16 outstanding pilots and flight attendants, aircraft operation, BBJ and Challenger Standards pilots and overall training effectiveness. In addition to maintaining currency as an International Captain on both the BBJ and Challenger 650, Eric has contributed to many areas of the operation including Safety, FOQA, ASAP, Standards and Training and has played a key role in the creation of a new scheduling program which produced significant crew quality of life improvement while also increasing utilization and efficiency. Eric has been a CABAA Safety Committee member for the last two years and contributed in the areas of publicity and marketing in 2019. Eric has been a member of CABAA, NBAA and OBAP for the last 10 years and contributes time and energy to the OBAP (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals) ACE Academy by conducting an educational event for 20 summer camp students in Gary for the last 4 years. He has also attended many of the mentoring events at CABAA, Purdue, Lewis and the annual career expo. “It would be my pleasure to serve the CABAA members in any capacity and attempt to repay the many years of benefits they have provided for me.”
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