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    "As members of CABAA, we can all recognize that the aviation industry offers endless opportunity, even during uncertain times. The corporate aviation sector is especially full of interesting, dynamic job opportunities. However, there's no doubt the sector could benefit from more women in corporate aviation roles, which is why we decided to highlight six female CABAA members in this questionnaire! The initial purpose of this questionnaire was to inspire and encourage women to pursue positions in corporate aviation, but it quickly became an excellent way for those already involved in the sector to learn more about their community. We'd love to interview other CABAA members down the line, so if you are interested, please reach out to CABAA's communications team, communications@cabaa.com. Please also visit CABAA's Instagram (@CABAAChicago) to see weekly highlights of the six interviewees!"

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    I know you all are getting inundated during these trying times. I don't want to overwhelm you, but I do want to share information as quickly as I know it. I appreciate your time and help sharing this information with your membership. 

    Amid all the chaos and disruption the coronavirus is causing, NBAA is here working for you. Ed Bolen and our Government Affairs team are working tirelessly to be sure our industry is a part of the government relief package. They are in constant communications with the Hill, the FAA Administrator, and other stakeholders. Yesterday NBAA sent a letter along with other general aviation associations to the Hill addressing relief. To read the letter and view other resources, please visit  https://nbaa.org/uncategorized/relief-package-must-preserve-general-aviations-vital-role-nbaa-tells-congressional-leaders/  

    In addition, we have set up a special Contact Congress page to help you reach your legislators regarding relief during this pandemic. We need your help to make sure air carriers that provide charter services under Part 135, and fractional providers operating under Part 91 subpart K continue to connect communities.  Please visit  https://nbaa.org/advocacy/contact-congress/  to contact your legislators today. 

    Ed Bolen is also hosting a free webinar tomorrow March 20th that addresses the FAA’s Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs) outlining guidance for the aviation community for limiting exposure and reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 onboard aircraft. Visit https://nbaa.org/aircraft-operations/safety/coronavirus/video-ed-bolen-invites-you-to-a-covid-19-update-webinar/ to sign up for this free webinar. 

    If there is anything I or NBAA can do to help, please let me know. 

    Take care and stay healthy, 


    Paige Kroner
    Central Eastern Regional Representative


    National Business Aviation Association
    1200 G St., NW

    Suite 1100

    Washington, DC 20005


    Email: pkroner@nbaa.org

    Twitter: PaigeKronerNBAA

  • 15 Jan 2020 2:46 PM | Wendy Quandahl (Administrator)

    Pictured in Photo (Left to Right)

    Mark Doles (Executive Director, DuPage Airport), Ed Bolen (CEO, NBAA) and Roger Gates (President of CABAA)

    The Chicago Area Business Aviation Association welcomed Ed Bolen - President and CEO - National Business Aviation Association, to its Annual Meeting at Drury Lane.

    Mr. Bolen opened his keynote address by highlighting the importance of Business Aviation to the local economy in Chicago. “It’s not merely a luxury item for the rich, it’s an effective tool of capitalism and a ‘time machine’ for those looking to optimize opportunities and resources.  In business, victory goes to the one who makes the best use of their time.  Victory goes to the ones who utilize business aviation.”

    Bolen highlighted key issues facing the business aviation community in 2020:


    “After 10 years in the making, the ADS-B deadline came and went on January 1 as a relatively seamless transition,” Bolen noted.  With the new technology has come added privacy options such as the Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) program, which allows operators to use alternate, temporary ICAO aircraft addresses that aren’t tied to an operator in the Civil Aviation Registry (CAR) and the LAD program which allows aircraft owners to dictate which specific parties can have access to their location.  “ADSB is one of the early building blocks of NextGen,” Bolen added “It will increase safety and decrease the carbon footprint of business aviation by providing more precise spacing of aircraft.  It’s a significant next step into the future.”



    NBAA hosted its largest gathering of unmanned systems at the 2019 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas. Bolen commented, “There is vision, passion, brilliant people and a lot of money in the unmanned space. When a bunch of smart people get together, something usually happens.” Bolen mentioned Supersonic aircraft and commercial space launches as other examples of the remarkable advances in aviation in the last decade. “The key now is to harness this technology to make aviation safer and better in the future.” 

    Workforce is still an issue

    The NBAA has stepped up its efforts to recruit its next generation workforce. “We are actively developing career days and looking for talent in places we haven’t looked before.  The advancement of sustainability, using biofuels in business aviation, is also an important element to attracting new talent. “Young people want to work in an industry that supports their values.”

    Urge Your Representative to Join the General Aviation Caucus 

    Bolen thanked members for their active engagement and encouraged ongoing communication.  “No matter who wins the White House in 2020, we will have to work with them.  Let’s start reaching out now.”  General Aviation had a major impact on user fees; Bolen urged the crowd to keep that momentum going.  “They know If you care enough to write, you care enough to vote. Reach out to your representative and urge him or her to join the GA conference.”


    Katy Glynn is Director of Sales for Jet Linx Chicago, the Chairman of the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association’s Communications Committee (www.cabaa.com) and a regular contributor to CABAA web content. Contact her at Katy.Glynn@JetLinx.com

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    This year’s financial scholarships include the Ken Johnson Memorial Scholarship, CABAA Maintenance Committee Financial Scholarship, and the CABAA General Financial Scholarship; each scholarship being set at $8000 for this year. 

    The training awards this year include two pilot type ratings with the FlightSafety/CAE Professional Pilot Training Award, initial Citation Sovereign maintenance training with the FlightSafety Professional Maintenance Training Award, and continued maintenance training with the FlightSafety Principles of Troubleshooting Training Award.   

    The applications can be downloaded here: https://www.cabaa.com/applications

    The application process is quick and easy:

    1. Download CABAA Scholarship application cover page.
    2. Download File for the Specific Scholarship you are applying for.
    3. Complete Cover Page and Requirements for the scholarship you are applying for.
    4. Email or Mail completed package.

    Current students are also encouraged to sign up for a free student membership: https://www.cabaa.com/join-cabaa

    Thank you so much, we are looking forward to this year’s applications!

  • 4 Nov 2019 12:04 PM | Wendy Quandahl (Administrator)

    The Chicago Area Business Aviation Association turned the spotlight on Cyber Security at its 7th Annual Maintenance Conference held at Top Golf in Naperville, IL.

    The CABAA Maintenance Committee led by Bill Madary (right) brought together industry leaders such as Eric Tuyilingire, Sr. Field Service Systems Engineer for Collins Aerospace, to share key information as well as provide a powerful networking opportunity in the business aviation maintenance community.

    “We know that we are going to be attacked,” Mr. Tuyilingire shared in his opening statement for the Keynote address. The audience was able to view a “live” feed of millions of cyber-attacks happening every second across the world which were illustrated as flashes of light. The flashes happened at an astonishing rate of frequency and brought the room to an eerie silence.

    “Business aviation has begun to adopt much more non-aviation-specific hardware, software, and communications technologies that greatly increase this community's cybersecurity risks,” continued Mr. Tuyilingire.  “Only within the past few decades have we begun to realize the need for cybersecurity beginning with cabin connectivity and now, very recently, needing to understand the implications of increased use of common connectivity throughout the aircraft systems in the cockpit and the cabin. It's a steep learning curve for many traditional business aviation operators to become proficient in cybersecurity."

    Mr. Tuyilingire emphasized the many layers of cybersecurity already in place for aviation applications for the cockpit; however, the final layer is truly and literally in the hands of passengers who bring personal electronic devices on the aircraft. Thus, one of the most sought-after capabilities for the cabin (connectivity) has simultaneously become one of the areas creating the most potential vulnerabilities.

    The increasing demand for high technology in the back of business aircraft is a critical issue for business aviation not only to keep us competitive in the business travel space, but also to keep us ahead of the threats that come with connectivity.

    Aviation Cyber Security Tips:

    • 1)      Be certain to monitor the physical security of the aircraft including access for catering.
    • 2)      Lap tops for maintenance should never be connected to the internet.
    • 3)      Passengers should turn off all devices not in use.
    • 4)      Passengers should not download apps from unknown sources.
    • 5)      Passengers should change their passwords frequently.

    For more information check out the NBAA’s podcast on this topic: https://nbaa.org/news/flight-plan/cybersecurity-tips-protecting-data-flying/

    Katy Glynn is Director of Sales for Jet Linx Chicago, the Chairman of the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association’s Communications Committee (www.cabaa.com) and a regular contributor to CABAA web content. Contact her at Katy.Glynn@JetLinx.com

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