Flight Attendant Committee

Committee Goals

CABAA's Flight Attendant Committee is dedicated to supporting midwest based corporate aviation professionals with networking events, mentoring, educational opportunities, and scholarships. We provide support to maintain qualifications, integrity, and professionalism amongst our peers.

Our new mentoring program will support advancement of our area's flight attendant community by connecting experienced professionals with those new to the field. To apply as a flight attendant mentor or mentee, complete the online form on this page!

Flight Attendant Mentoring Application


How to Become a Corporate Flight Attendant

The CFA Connections

Cabin Safety Training

Aircare Facts Training

Van Nuys, CA | Dallas, TX | Morristown, NJ | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Chicago, IL

Flightsafety International

Dallas, TX | Savannah, GA | Teterboro, NJ | Long Beach, CA

Sky Angels

Combined Cabin Service & Safety Training

Santa Rosa, CA


Culinary and Service Training

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