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What If I Can't Make the Meetings?

CABAA is a very active association. Meetings provide educational and professional development as wells a unsurpassed networking opportunities for CABAA members, Visitors and Speakers.

Even if you are unable to regularly attend these informative events, your membership in CABAA is valuable as you would be actively supporting an organization dedicated to the interests of corporate aviation. We are always available to provide a forum to voice your concerns regarding both local and national issues pertaining to business aviation.

Additionally members are granted exclusive access to our Members Directory via this web site. Our Members' Only section has other exclusive features as well - all available with your membership. In fact, this web site is your primary vehicle for communication with the entire membership.

A Typical Member

Those in CABAA realize that there is no such thing as a "typical member". Everyone contributes some special talent or interest to the mix. However, membership is made up from the broad category of Corporate / Business Aircraft Operators. These individuals would represent Directors of Operations, Chief Pilots, Line Pilots, Maintenance, Technician and Dispatcher. Additionally, we welcome any vendor or supplier of services to the Business Aircraft Operator.

Your Dues Are Put to Work

CABAA is a labor of love. None of the CABAA Officers or Directors are paid a single penny for the fine work that they perform to further the success of this association. Dues are kept to an absolute minimum. Proceeds are used to operational expenses and profits are transferred to the CABAA Education Foundation for Scholarship distributions.  We run a very lean organization and intend to keep it prospering in that fashion.

Our Relationship With NBAA

Our relationship with NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) is synergistic - that is, we compliment each other. We are both passionately involved with similar issues. The primary difference however, is that while NBAA is structured to address business aviation issues on a national level CABAA is focused on Chicagoland issues at a grassroots level. We feel that both associations perform a vital service to the business aircraft community.

NBAA can be considered to be a "macro" version of CABAA. Because of its national scope, NBAA is able to hold only one national meeting a year. Consequently, local concerns and issues are not addressed. The national association recognized this aspect and subsequently has been a strong influence in organizing local associations.

We make a determined effort to maintain a direct line of communication with NBAA. In fact, we even have the Central Regional NBAA Representative on the CABAA Board as an Advisor. He is our primary liaison to the national organization. NBAA is a terrific association and we at CABAA recommend that you consider membership in both organizations concurrently.

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