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CABAA ATC Committee is working in conjunction with the FAA to improve the efficiency of flying to and from the satellite airports in the Chicago area as well as informing transient pilots of the tips and procedures of flying in and out of the complicated Chicago airspace. The Committee is chaired by Mark Zakula. He can be reached at 847.537-3770 or by email.

The Committee members have been meeting with key members of the FAA since early 2004. Through on-site meetings, teleconferences, or over the phone the Committee represented business and general aviation concerns directly to those in the FAA who are responsible for the airspace around the Chicago area.

These are the items currently being worked on and tracked by the CABAA ATC committee. The FAA has had a lot on their plate and the environmental studies can take up to 18 months. Be patient, we will continue to track these.

1. EXARR Arrival – The route into the North Satellite airports (MACES-BVINNE-BRAVE-EXARR) is being put into a STAR. A couple of fixes over the lake will be added to aid in a  “descend via” arrival. Currently when you file this route you can now add HIGUH after EXARR if going to KPWK. MKE approach will send you there now instead of OBK.

2. GOPAC Arrival – This arrival currently exists for KMKE and KUGN. KPWK will be added to the GOPAC with a clearance to DREWD at 12,000’. Once handed off to Milwaukee approach KUGN traffic will be vectored direct to KUGN and KPWK traffic will be vectored direct to HIGUH. It will eventually be a STAR.

3. FIYER Arrival – This arrival currently goes over PMM and then down to FIYER with a crossing at 3000 or 4000. The plan is to not use PMM (add new intersection there) then add            2 fixes between PMM and FIYER, with crossing altitudes, for a “descend via” arrival to keep us separated from the KORD traffic. It will eventually be a STAR.

4. West Departures – There will be 3 departures (STARS) for KPWK and KUGN. MYKIE, NOONY and OLINN. The departures will be like the MONKZ and JORJO departures in that there will be a couple of intermediate fixes that traffic will be vectored to or near prior final clearance.

5. East Departures – There will be 2 East departures (STARS) for KPWK and KUGN. EBAKE and DUFFE. They will be designed like the West departures.

6. North Departures – There will be 2 North departures (STARS) RAYNR and PMPKN. They will also be like the West departures.

7. RNAV 16 at KPWK – The FAA is currently working to make this a “T” approach with transitions from KRENA and a future fix to be determined for the new FIYER arrival.

8. ILS 16 at KPWK – the request from CABAA was to add HIGUH to the ILS 16 approach so all new arrivals will go to HIGUH and either approach can be flown. The night circling restriction has been removed.

9. RNAV 34 to KPWK – This request was re-addressed to TRACON and the designers. It will save time and prevent Opposite Direction Operations (ODO’s). This approach will come in from the northwest or Northeast with a visual descent point to transition to the circle. A private RNP approach to RWY 34 has been developed and will be studied to open to the public. We would like to have both of these types of approaches for aircraft that are not RNP qualified.

CABAA ATC Committee Update 20210309 (2) (002) (1).pdf

This Committee is active and requests assistance from all pilots, whether business or general aviation, to be united as one voice as we develop a working relationship with the FAA. Please feel free to contact Mark Zakula or any committee member listed below:

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